Friday, December 21, 2012

Hat man.

I've been working a lot with pencils.. Here's the original photo by Mecca8 on deviantart.
Ugh.. I've taken a ton of photos and cannot catch all the detail in any of them. This is pretty much as good as it gets unless you see the real thing. (How the heck can I get a good digital copy of a graphic drawing??)


  1. Good digital copy? A scanner. Worth the investment.

    1. I've tried scanners too. I don't know if I'm just not finding the right settings or using the right scanner but I cannot get those to work for me either. What do you use?

  2. I have two. One for large format scans (11x17) and then another for small 8.5x11 sizes using an Epson scanner, which does anything from artwork to photo negatives.

    There are different settings for color to grayscale to line art. I'm guessing it is just a matter of using the right setting. Your pencil work should work with a grayscale setting and the color setting for any color artwork. Save the black and white/line art mode for pen and ink drawings with no grays.

    Scan at least at 300dpi for printing. Higher at 600 if you can, even though you only need 72 dpi for the web. You always want to have a nice high res scan done in case something happens to the art or you need to make prints or for publications. You can always downsize it to 72 in Photoshop.