Friday, May 11, 2012

Does anyone have any Tablet suggestions?

I want to start doing some more digital painting and such and I'm looking into getting a decent tablet for a decent price. Any help would be nice :]


  1. Honestly, if you're just starting out and looking for something affordable but good, I'd suggest taking a look at the Wacom Bamboo series and finding something in that series.


    A few years ago I would have said Wacom, the big name in tablets, but then I heard about Monoprice. Bigger tablets for a MUCH better price (especially for replacement parts. Those are murder with Wacom), and I've heard from dozens of people that use them that they are much, much better. Like someone even ditched their fancy Intuos because they liked it that much.

    As far as Wacom, I've got a Bamboo Pen and Touch (which I think they may have discontinued) and it's worked well for the past couple of years. The cord is breaking on mine though, so it's probably going to cost me a bunch to have that fixed :S

    Woops, this turned into a really long comment...

  3. Thanks! I was thinking about the Wacom Bamboo series and I've looked into it a little bit.
    I've never heard of Monoprice but I'll have to look into that as well.

    Thanks so much guys!
    and i love your display pic, Wade. Haha